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Two to three training sessions will be offered during a year (Montreal and surroundings + region)




Train to Train, currently the NCCP Level 2, is for coaches who have been certified as Learning to Train. This coach training introduce basic basketball techniques and strategies from a more structured approach to coaching.


The following points are the focus of the practice to practice stadium:

  • Mental Training
  • Planning a workout
  • Ethical decision-making
  • LTAD
  • Education
  • Supporting the athlete in competition
  • Arbitration
  • Psychology


  • Have your Learn to Train certification for at least one year.
  • Letter of intent that demonstrates your motivation to enroll in the training.  Upload the letter when you register  online.

Duration of the course: 28 hours of training
2 weekends: Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with a break for dinner.

Cost: $381,09 +transaction fees - including computer equipment


Following the training, the coach must be evaluated during a training session and must complete the coaching portfolio.  The document must be returned by mail or email to:

Basketball Quebec
Alejandro Hasbani (
7665 boulevard Lacordaire, Montréal, Qc, H1S 2A7

A correction fee of $40.00 (+trans.fees) is required.        PAYMENT


The portfolio will not be returned to the coach, please keep a copy of the document.


Practical component Train to Train

The practical component of the Training to Train stage involves the evaluation of a practice session of a cadet or higher level team. The evaluation fee is $100 plus tax per evaluation and covers the evaluation time. Please note that transportation costs ($0.45/km) must also be paid if the evaluation takes place more than 50 km from the evaluator's place of residence.

The coach who has successfully completed the first two components of the Training to Train stage is eligible for the practical evaluation. To plan the evaluation, he must send the Federation 3 dates and locations of practice sessions and games.

IMPORTANT! Registration is confirmed when all requested documents are received at least 5 days PRIOR to the training date. NO REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SITE.

To register to Train to Train, you must be certified Learn to Train (i.e., have completed and passed the 3 components of the first level Learn to Train: theoretical, technical and practical).

If you have any questions about the NCCP, please contact
Patricia Mandeville or 514.252.3057 ext. 3524


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