Train to Compete - Click here for a list of courses offered (season 2020-2021)

Training will be offered every two years at the end of May and in June in Montreal. In case of high demand, one training session per year could be planned.




"Train to Compete", formerly known as NCCP Level 3, introduces athletes to all aspects of the game and begins to refine all technical aspects and several strategic components.


The course content includes :

1. Planning
2. Teaching
3. Analysis of techniques
4. Footwork and dribbling
5. The individual attack
6. The team attack
7. The Transition Attack
8. The zone attack
9. The attack on harassment
10. Recovery
11. Collective defence
12. Individual defence
13. Zone and combined defences
14. Harassment defences
15. Special defensive situations
16. Mental conditioning
17. Physical fitness
18. Strengthening work (weight training)
19. Biomechanics
20. Performance psychology
21. Regulation



  • Have your Train to Train certification for at least one year.
  • Letter of intent that demonstrates your motivation to enroll in the training.  Upload the letter when you register  online.
  • Have completed the NCCP Multisport "Competition - Development" courses.

C1 - Coaching and Leadership Effectiveness
C2 - Running a doping-free sport
C3 - Development of athletic skills
C4 - Conflict Management
C5 - Performance Psychology
C6 - Prevention and Recovery


Training Calendar

Have a minimum of two years of experience as a head coach or four years as an assistant coach after obtaining your Train to Train certification.

Duration of the course: 48 hours over three weekends

Cost: $691,10 (+ transaction fees) - includes computer manual, written and oral evaluation and exam marking fees.

Retest fee: 57.49$ 


IMPORTANT! Registration is confirmed when all the requested documents are received at least 5 days PRIOR to the training date. NO REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SITE.

For the Training to Practical Competition stage, the evaluation of the coach will be done only if the coach has completed and passed the theoretical and technical components. The trainee must pass an evaluation following the training and submit a portfolio with a correction fee of $150,00 (+trans. fees) and the plan must be submitted within 15 months following the end of the course. If the deadline is not respected, the coach will have to contact the Federation.    


The passing grade for the evaluation is 70%. The trainee who does not obtain this result will have to retake the theory exam if the score obtained is between 69 and 50%. If the score is less than 50%, the trainee will have to redo the technical training.

In the event that the plan does not conform to the program requirements, the following procedure will have to be applied:

  • If the plan requires only minor corrections, the trainee must return the corrected document within one month (free of charge).
  • However, if major corrections are necessary and require a third correction, the plan will have to be redone and the fee for this third correction will be $57.49. The candidate will have three months to resubmit the plan.
  • If the seasonal plan is not resubmitted on time, a fee of $30.00 will be charged. If the three-month period for the first submission of the plan is not respected, the trainee may request an extension from the Federation. After that, the course must be resumed in its entirety and the related fees paid.


Practical part of the "Train to Compete" course

The "Training to Compete" practical evaluation consists of two parts: an evaluation of a training session of a team at a youth level or higher and the evaluation of a game (also about 4 hours). The fee for this evaluation is $229.95 (100,00$ per evaluation plus tax and covers the evaluation time (approximately 8 hours). Please note that transportation costs ($0.45/km) must also be paid if the person being evaluated and the evaluator each live more than 50 km apart.

Individuals who have successfully completed the first two components of Level 3 are eligible for the practical evaluation and must inform the Federation in writing of the dates and locations of their training sessions and games.

If you have any questions regarding NCCP courses, please contact Patricia Mandeville: 514.252.3057 ext. 3524

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