Basketball is one of the 35 sports disciplines recognized by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education. The Sport-études programs aim to support student-athletes, recognized by their federation, in the practice of their sport and in the success of their high school studies. They enable a student-athlete to reconcile his or her academic and sporting objectives, on the condition that priority is given to academic success.

Basketball Québec relies on the Sport-études programs and basketball concentrations for the development of athletes and coaches.

In September 2023, the number of schools will reach 43 programs throughout the territory, including 24 specifically in Sport-Études and 19 in Concentrations. For a total of 2450 participants.



The clientele targeted by the Sport-Études concentration basketball: serious secondary institutions, already recognized as Sport-études by the Ministère de l'éducation du loisir et du sport and talented athletes, focused and determined to become the best players possible.



Based on the values of academic achievement, athlete development and the active support of the human resources who will coach the "young potentials", Sport-Études and Concentrations in Basketball will become the cornerstone of basketball development.

The Sport-Études framework provides a consistent, consistent and systemic development across the province that will allow the needs of all to be met.

  • Multidisciplinary expertise of the stakeholders in place;
  • Adapted schedule that meets the needs of athletes committed to the pursuit of excellence;
  • Government assistance for peripheral services that contribute to player development.

Athletes at the Espoir, Relève and Elite levels also benefit greatly from participating in this type of program. Participating in a provincial league (FBBQ-RSEQ Juvenile Excellence League) requires many hours of travel time and a high volume of training.

In the weekly schedule, the player spends a minimum of 15 hours in various activities related to his individual and collective development. Having an adapted schedule allows him to better balance his studies and meet more specific academic needs. Periods are allotted so that the student player progresses at a more individual pace.

This schedule allows the player to devote himself to his training, while having a certain quality of life necessary for integral and harmonious development. The many hours freed up allow him to develop technically, tactically, physically and psychologically. In addition, the schedule is busy and extends over a period of more than eight months.


Coaches are professionals, not volunteers. Their high level training is mandatory and a vigorous follow-up is carried out by Basketball Quebec in order to offer the best possible coaching services to the athletes.

  • Terms of Reference
  • Athlete identification criteria
  • Coach's Guide 12-18 years old
  • Sport-Études Newsletter
  • Programme monitoring and evaluation

In order to maximize the individual development of players, Basketball Quebec has adopted a provincial frame of reference. The latter specifies the various components associated with the development of athletes and their teaching.


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