• What?

The Basketball Quebec League is a Home / Away format with a schedule designed at the beginning of the season (10 to 14 games depending on the category).

Basketball Quebec is responsible for organizing the schedule and ensuring that the competition runs smoothly, while providing technical and administrative support to the various members. The primary objective of Basketball Quebec is to provide an inclusive league with 3 levels of play A-AA-AAA.


  • Who are the players?


The age categories are as follows:

9-10 years - Novice (A-AA) (Boys and Girls)
11-12 years - Mini (A-AA-AAA) (Boys and Girls)
U14 - Benjamin (A-AA-AAA) (Boys and Girls)
U15 - Cadet (A-AA-AAA) (Boys)
U16 - Cadet Major (A-AA-AAA) (Girls)
U18 - Juvenile (A-AA-AAA) (Boys and Girls)


  • When does the season start?

The season kicks off at the Basketball Quebec Fall Festival, to which all league teams are invited in order to evaluate their level and be classified in the appropriate division for the start of the season. The calendar will be drawn up following the event.

For novices and minis, the season runs from mid-October to the end of March, with matches played at home in a "home and away" format. For the benjamines, cadettes and juveniles categories, the season runs from mid-October to the end of February, and matches are played on a home-and-away schedule.

Playoffs take place at the end of the season, in February for the benjamin, cadet and juvenile categories. One team per age category is crowned "League Champion".

To participate in the Quebec Basketball League, or for more information, please contact Mr. Garry Merisier, Sports Development Coordinator, at 514-998-3868.



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