Are you an affiliate organization looking for a tournament in the province to host your team? You will find the Basketball Quebec sanctioned tournaments on the following calendar:

Contact the person in charge or use the registration link, to register your team(s) for the tournament of your choice.




  • Note: the school must be affiliated as an Organizer to have an event recognized. The affiliation is valid for one year, starting September 1st and is renewable.
  • Club: that manages teams. An affiliated club can have events recognized. Club affiliation is done with the Club Affiliation link.
  • Organizer: who organizes events only. Must be affiliated to have events recognized.
    It is mandatory to have your event recognized in order to receive the refereeing service.




  • Your recognition gives visibility of your event on Basketball Quebec website;
  • You will receive the federated refereeing service of your region (according to their rates and at your expense);
  • If your organization is an NPO, your event will be covered by a general liability insurance (for renting of boards) and a coverage for the directors and officers of your organization during the recognized event.
    *The NPO will have to take out liability insurance (BFL Canada is our reference) and will have to provide the proof at the time of the recognition.


For any questions, please contact Isabelle Darveau


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