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These courses are offered from September to January, with a training session to be held in May.




For your online registration, make sure you choose the exact date and location of the course you want to attend.

Learn to Train is the first level to be completed in the NCCP program. Learn the basic skills of basketball while continuing to focus on fundamental motor skills in a fun and welcoming environment.


  • Cost: $243,05 + transaction fees including online documents.


The Introduction to Competition level of the NCCP is specifically designed for athlete coaches as advocated by Basketball Canada in the "Long Term Athlete Development Model for Basketball".

The course includes information on the elements of ethical decision making, modified games, safety, practice planning and skill development in basketball.


This course combines the technical and theoretical components for the development of children aged 7 to 12. Upon completion of this course coaches will be considered "Trained".

To be "Certified", coaches will be required to complete the online exam Ethical Decision Making - Competition Introduction. For this exam, coaches must wait to obtain their NCCP number following the training and visit the CAC website (www.coach.ca) to complete the exam free of charge.

Afterwards, coaches must complete the portfolio and return it by mail or email to the attention of:

Basketball Quebec
Patricia Mandeville (pmandeville@basketball.qc.ca)
7665 boulevard Lacordaire, Montréal, Qc, H1S 2A7.

A correction fee of $30.00 + transaction fees is required.          PAYMENT

* The portfolio will not be returned to the coach, please keep a copy of the document.

IMPORTANT! Registration must be done at least 5 days PRIOR to the training date. NO REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SITE.

For all questions concerning the NCCP, please contact
Patricia Mandeville: 514-252-3057 ext. 3524


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