The Quebec Basketball Circuit is a rendez-vous for all organizations - sport-études, concentrations and associations - looking to play high-level games against teams from all over Quebec. The promotion/relegation system is a process in which teams are transferred between several divisions (after each event) according to their performance, and challenges young athletes and their coaches throughout the season (8 games).


Basketball Quebec is responsible for organizing the schedule and ensuring the smooth running of the competition, while providing technical and administrative support to the various members. The primary objective of Basketball Quebec is to provide a competitive circuit dedicated to the development of participants.


The age categories are as follows:


U14 (Male and Female, including athletes born in October, November and December)
U16 (Male and Female including athletes born in October, November and December)


The season kicks off at the Basketball Quebec Fall Festival with the first two games leading to a first promotion relegation.


For the 14U and 16U categories, the season runs on the following dates: October 14, November 18, December 16 and January 20, in the same gymnasium and in a promotion-relegation tournament format (3-team round robin or 4-team bracket).


The regular season is spread over pre-determined weekends, during which teams compete in top-level matches. The playoffs take place February 10-11, and one team per age category is crowned "Circuit Basketball Québec Champion".


To participate in the CBQ or for more information, please contact Mr. Yannick Mercier at 514-616-2438.


2023-2024 SEASON



  • FIBA rules (4 x 8)
  • Season schedule under one roof (promotion relegation)
    • Fall Festival October 14, 2023 (2 games)
    • November 18, 2023 (2 games)
    • December 16, 2023 (2 matches)
    • January 20, 2023 (2 games)
    • CBQ Playoffs (February 10-11, 2024)
  • Registration upon invitation
  • Age categories







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