Basketball Quebec provides leadership in the promotion, development and support of the practice of basketball throughout Quebec.


Our vision:

The known and recognized reference source for basketball in Quebec:

  • The Federation is an organism where the quality of the intervention is the proof of everything
  • The Federation provides senior management in all its programs, events and internships
  • The Federation offers services adapted to the needs of its members
  • The Federation contributes to the development of a stimulating and safe environment where participants can develop to the fullest extent of their abilities.


Our values:

  • The respect: We believe that participants, competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, supporters must respect each other and do the same for our sport.
  • The pride: We are proud of our sport and the role it plays in our community, in the education community and in the development of participants.
  • Equal opportunities: Our sport is accessible and open to all.
  • The ethics: Sports ethics is a fundamental part of our sport.
  • Personal growth: We believe that our sport contributes to the development of positive attitudes, healthy lifestyles and healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Cooperation and collaboration: We believe in listening carefully and in open communication with our members and those interested in our sport.
  • The road to success: We believe that we must provide quality experiences so that athletes, coaches, officials and administrators reach their full potential.


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