>Development :

The "Allez Hoop" from Basketball Quebec is designed to develop basic skills, sportsmanship and the interest in basketball among youth aged 6 to 12 years. The concept of the program is to provide uniform coaching, based on learning through fun and play. Coaches will support young people to develop their psychomotor skills and gross motor skills as well as specific skills in basketball (passing, dribbling, shooting, catching). The curriculum meets the long-term development guidelines of the athlete (LTAD) from Sport Canada. The program is flexible and allows local organizers to adapt it.


>Program offer :

Participant kit

• identified “Allez Hoop” reversible jersey

• Size 5 Molten rubber basketball


In addition to these items, the kit includes the following benefits:

• Participation in a sanctioned provincial program

• Between 16 and 20 hours of play and learning in gym

• Basketball Program in connection with the long-term development model of the athlete (LTAD)

• Insurance coverage (liability)

• Membership to the Basketball Federation of Quebec


>Turnkey for Participating Organizations :

- To increase the visibility of the sport in Quebec

- Increase the number of participants in each region of Quebec

- To target, recruit and train coaches


Basketball Quebec is pleased to count on the collaboration of several organizations, which hosts the activities in their Development Centers.


You can contact the managers of the various "Allez Hoop" Centers to sign up.

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The coaching package contains:

- Salaries paid by Basketball Quebec

- Intensive training of 8 hours: NCCP Level "Community Coach"

- A follow-up by Basketball Quebec with your coach

- Official “Allez-Hoop t-shirt for the coach

- A curriculum with a uniform lesson plan for all age groups



The curriculum followed by the coach is considered as the main tool of “Allez Hoop” program to optimize the development of children by providing a uniform framework for all age groups. It was created in order to promote the development of each athlete in a stimulating, fun and suitable for all age groups.


Some of the subjects covered are:

• Learning techniques through play

• The development of fundamental movement skills and the individual technics to the sport of basketball.


The trainer’s manual also contains a curriculum for 12 to 16 practices allowing trainer(s) to provide quality education without having to develop them.


The curriculum is divided into 3 age groups:

• Fundamentals: from 6 to 8 years

• Learn to Train: between 9 and 10 years

• Train to Train: between 11 and 12 years


A young 6 year old is not in the same phase of development as a young 12 years. The curriculum is tailored to the participant's age and thus follows the model of development in the long term athlete (LTAD).




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