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"Train to Compete", formerly NCCP Level 3, will be the fourth stage of the long-term development model of the athlete (LTAD) in basketball. Initiate athletes in all aspects of the game and begin to refine the technical aspects and the strategic components.



The course content includes:



1. Planning

2. Education

3. Analysis techniques

4. footwork and dribbling

5. Individual attack

6. Collective offense

7. The transition attack

8. Offense versus a zone defense

9. The attack against pressure



10. Recovery

11. Collective defense

12. Individual defense

13. zone defenses and combined

14. Pressure defense

15. Special defensive situations

16. The mental conditioning

17. Physical fitness

18. The building work (weightlifting)


Prerequisite: Be certified Level 2 or Level "Train to train" (theory, technical and practical) and have completed the NCCP multi-sport training "Competition - Development"


C1 - Effective Coaching and Leadership

C2 - Leading Drug-free Sport

C3 - Developing Athletic Qualities

C4 - Conflict management

C5 - Psychology of Performance

C6 - Prevention and Recovery


Here is the link to register:

In addition, the coach should have to earn a minimum of two years experience as a head-coach or four years as an assistant-coach

When registering, please provide either of these certifications:


Attestation head coach Attestation entraîneur-chef

Assistant Coach Certification Attestation entraîneur-adjoint


Course duration: 48 hours spread over three weekends

Cost: $ 675 - including the manual, a written examination and correction of examination fees.

Fees for up examination: $ 57.49


Training on two weekends


IMPORTANT! Consider yourself registered if: your registration form is completed, we receive your certification letter and your full payment at least 5 days BEFORE the date of training.



Regarding the "Train to Compete" Practical component, the evaluation of the candidate will be made only if it has successfully completed the theoretical and technical aspects. The student must submit a season plan with seasonal correction fee is $ 74.73 and the plan must be submitted within 12 months (1 year) after the end of the course.


Should the plan not comply with the program requirements, the following procedure shall be applied:


    • If the plan requires only minor corrections, the student must return the corrected plan in less than a month (no charge).


    • However, if major corrections are necessary and require a third correction, the plan will have to be redone and the costs for this third adjustment will be $ 57.49. The candidate will have three months to submit the plan again.


    • If the seasonal plan is not delivered on time, costs $ 28.74 will be charged. If the three-month period for the first submission of the plan is not met, the student may request an extension to the Federation. After that, the course should be taken in full and paid the associated costs.



Training to compete - practical component


Practical assessment "Train to Compete" is in two parts: an evaluation of a training session (1 X 4 hours) and the evaluation of a game (also about 4 hours). The costs of this evaluation are $ 229.95 ($ 100 plus tax per each party assessment) and cover the evaluation time (about 8 hours). Note that it must also cover the transportation costs ($ 0.32 / km) if the assessee and the assessor each remain at a distance of over 50 km.


Those who have successfully completed the first two parts of the level 3 are eligible for the practical evaluation and must disclose in writing to the Federation dates and places of their training sessions and their games.


If you have questions about the NCCP courses, contact

Technical Component: Alejandro Hasbani or 514.252.3057 ext 3510

Administrative component: Étienne Couture or 514 252-3057 ext 3454




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