Basketball Quebec is the leader in promotion, development and sustaining basketball in the entire province of Quebec.



Our vision


We are the known source and recognized by all in basketball in Quebec:

  • The Federation is a registered organization where quality involvement lends credibility
  • The Federation offers a superior setting in all its programs, events and phases
  • The Federation adapts its services to the needs of its members

The Federation contributes to the development of a stimulating and safe environment where the participant can develop to the maximum of their respective capacities



Our Values



We believe participants, competitors, coaches, officials, administrators, and fans must respect each other and the sport.



We are proud of our sport and the role it plays in our community and education system as well as the development of its participants.


Equal opportunities

Our sport is accessible and open to all.



Ethics are a fundamental aspect of our sport.


Personal development
We believe our sport contributes to the fostering of positive attitudes, healthy life habits, and healthy interpersonal relationships.


Cooperation and collaboration

We believe in listening attentively to and open communication with our members and people interested in our sport.


Pathway to success

We believe we must offer quality experiences so that athletes, coaches, officials and administrators can fulfill their respective maximum potentials.


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